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About INE Imports & Exports

We first visited Bali and Indonesia in 1990 looking for something, anything, to import from overseas so we could combine our love of traveling with an importing business. Our first stop was Bali and we were amazed at the handicrafts they were making. We knew we didn't have to search any further. Eighteen years later we're still going to this beautiful island in the tropics and looking for new creations from the ever imaginative minds of the Balinese people. We started with woodcarvings but soon found they were creative with many other mediums as well. They are making ceramics, tin, glass and many other forms of handicrafts. It may sound like a cliche but the Balinese are a beautiful, generous and friendly people and we are happy to call many of them our friends. We try to be part of the community of the areas where we stay, actively participating in the ceremonies and family get togethers. Although the Balinese are generally not impoverished they are far from rich. A typical hotel or restaurant worker earns $1.00 to $2.00 a day. We try to help by bringing donations of clothes and toys and putting them in the hands of people who will truly appreciate and use them. We have assisted several of our suppliers in building new stores and expanding their businesses. If you have anything you would like to donate please let us know.

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Donald and Darlene Samuelsen INE Imports & Exports Inc.